How do I care for my Becca Calmont Jewellery?

All Becca Calmont Jewellery is Sterling Silver, Gold, Gold Vermeil, Flash gold or Gold Filled. These materials are hard wearing but still need to be looked after. To avoid tarnishing, avoid contact with chemicals and water. Do not spray with perfume or other liquids and creams. Remove jewellery when exercising,showering, swimming and sleeping.  Putting your jewellery on should always be the last step.

When not in use, store your jewellery in a box away from harsh light.

How do I care for my new Pearls?

Remember to remove your pearl jewellery before household cleaning, as this gem is sensitive to chemicals. Similarly, chemicals from makeup, hairspray, perfume and body creams can change the colour of your pearls and make them dull. Putting your jewellery on should always be the last step.

It is highly recommended to wipe your pearls with a clean soft cloth after every wear. This will prevent the buildup of oils and dirt.

When storing pearl jewellery, keep it separated from other harder gemstones to protect it from being scratched. Take out and wear them regularly, as leaving your pearls in storage for a long time will dehydrate and make them dull.

What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold vermeil, or just vermeil, is a term used to refer to items made of silver and coated with gold. The word “vermeil” comes from French and is pronounced “ver-may.” The main difference between vermeil and gold-plated/gold-filled jewellery is that vermeil items have a base made of sterling silver, whereas plated and filled pieces can be made with a variety of metals. Our vermeil is a layer of gold (18 or 24ct) 1 micron in thickness on sterling silver to provide an extra durable plating, 

 What is Gold Filled?

Gold filled jewellery is also known as rolled gold or gold bonded and is created by mechanically bonding a layer of gold to a layer of base metal - usually brass. The outer gold layer must be at least 1/20 of the overall metal content by weight, and is therefore a much thicker and more durable alternative to gold plating.

The gold filled components we use are 14ct Gold.

What do we mean when we say something is reclaimed?

In a past life Becca was lucky enough to work for some luxury British brands, designing and developing their beautiful semi-precious costume jewellery pieces. As you can imagine the samples sometimes didn't survive being transported to and from shoots and fashion shows. When these pieces arrived back in bits Becca could never bring herself to just throw away any beautiful components. So she collected each pearl, crystal and bead waiting for the day they could be given new life. They technically aren't new components but have never been worn as jewellery for longer than a catwalk show and are just as beautiful as when they were first used.