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Becca Calmont

Ribbon Scroll - Mitsuro Hikime Silver Ring

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The Ribbon Scroll ring is a beautiful wide ring with beautiful layers of texture and folds.  THis ring has a wide front and a narrower back for comfort.

Recycled Sterling Silver 

Ring size L

Weight 6.76 grams

Band Width approx 16mm at front and 4mm at back

Modelling with wax and the process of lost wax is an ancient tradition that goes back thousands of years. Mitsuro Hikime, is a Japanese wax making technique that creates a beautiful and unique type of wax. This hand-made wax creates beautiful striations and ridges that mimic nature. In Ancient times the Japanese used this was to mimic bamboo and other textures found in nature. 

Each of my mitsuro hikime pieces is one of a kind. I make the formations in wax in my studio in Belfast and send them off to be cast in recycled silver. I never make more than one, so it you chose one of these pieces you will be the only person with that design in the whole universe. 

Did you choose the art or did the art choose you?